Teaching aids are an integral component in any classroom activities. The many benefits of teaching aids include helping learners improve reading comprehension skills, illustrating or reinforcing a skill or concept, differentiating instruction and relieving anxiety or boredom by presenting information in a new and exciting way.

At Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development, we believe that, no matter how skillful an artisan maybe, he cannot produce without the necessary tools and materials. Equally so, no matter how qualified and experienced a teacher maybe, he will find it completely difficult if not impossible to appropriately mold the hearts and minds of the school children or develop their social and professional skills and abilities without the necessary teaching and learning materials.

Courses such as Science, Technology, and Geography are examples of subjects where learners can make use of practical senses to capture the essence of the learning processes, guided by appropriate tools. We strongly also believe that Lifeskill’s acquisition is predicated on the fact that, apart from cognitive capabilities, the affective (values) and manipulative /psychomotor skills must also be given primary consideration in a holistic teaching-learning process.

Adequate and relevant teaching and learning materials, including textbooks and other reading materials, laboratory equipment, tools for practical subjects, computers and other teaching and learning aids must be provided in every school to ease the learning process. With the advent of ICT, audio-visual teaching and learning tools now play a significant role in teaching and learning. Interactions with teachers revealed that sustained interest of the learners can be achieved through the more colorful, animated and real-life examples utilized in the learning environment.

However, in our part sub-Saharan Africa especially in war-torn communities, most parents see their highest obligation to their children’s education barely on tuition fees. Other important aspects such as providing uniforms, footwear, learning materials, prescribed textbooks, etc. are a mere dream. This accounts for some of the reasons why brilliant children are dropping out of school let alone those with learning difficulties and with low interest in schooling.

As part of our intervention to address the situation, we organize workshops and also meet parents on one on the basis to consciously deepen their commitment to their children’s education. Additionally, we collect educational materials and source funds to purchase needed materials for free distribution among schools and school children.

You can support our work by donating the following:

1) Recommended textbooks

2) Exercise (note) books

3) Pen, calculator

4) Computers

5) Furniture

6) School bags

7) Teaching and learning Software etc.