Training contributes to our community outreach and the sustainability of our programs. The purpose of our training program is to capture and take forward the teaching and learning methodologies implemented by the Ministry of Education in communities in which we operate and to produce guidelines for organizing similar competence development of teachers in the area.

The aim is to inspire and enable policymakers and practitioners to organize a school-based approach for continuing professional development of teachers particularly schools in deprived/rural communities.

Two categories of our training program concerns: (1) In-Service Training for Teachers and (2) Empowerment Training for the Young Adult

(1) In-Service Training for Teachers

The in-service training program is frequently organized to orient new teachers and also upgrade the old ones on new concepts of teaching. We do so by organizing tailored made seminars that are normally handled by experienced professional educationists.  The organizers of the programs vary from year to year and are tailored to the specific needs of the teachers as well as the school system.

The purposes of in-service education are the following:

  • To promote continuous improvement of the total professional staff of the school system.
  • To eliminate deficiencies in the background preparation of teachers and other professional workers in education.
  • To keep the professionals abreast of the new concept of teaching and learning.
  • To identify weaknesses and strengths as well as creative skills in teachers for appropriate redress geared towards improvement.
  • To give the much-needed support to the teachers who are entering a responsibility or a new field of work.

(2) Empowerment Training for the Young Adult

The objective of the Youth Empowerment Program is to improve the livelihoods of young people living and working in rural communities in which we operate. The program is targeted at indigenous young people from slums and rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. We do so through the provision of practical training in construction, business development, and information communication technology that will lead to income-generating activities.  Knowing that, by doing so, we would be helping to reduce poverty by empowering young adults to be self-aware, self-reliant and self-dependent in all communities in which we shall operate.

Donor Agencies, Well-wishers and friends of children and young adults can support us in the realization of our objective by:

  1. Granting aids in the form of money and logistics
  2. Volunteering your time, energy and or resources to help provide training tailored to our objectives. Please click here for more on ways you can volunteer.
  3. Recommending us to donor agencies and philanthropists as well as sharing our good work on social media.
  4. Helping us to develop proposals and or work plans in a bid to expand our services.