There are many reasons why school children fail to pay attention whether in class or at a program. Some of the reasons are: Lack of Motivation, Lack of Practice, Distracted by External Stimuli, Not Getting Proper Sleep or Nutrition, Doesn’t Understand the Material, etc.

At Cradle of hope for Relief and Development, we work hard to design presentations to enable school children to be active participant by way of listening and asking further questions during and or after programs.

Over years of experience with children, we have concluded that, what many describe as lack of concentration could actually be a lack of understanding the material on the part of the children. This lack of understanding can lead to students to stop paying attention, and consequently falling further behind and eventually losing interest altogether.

We now know that, some learn best by seeing, some by hearing and others by doing. For this reasons, we make our duty to develop a participatory form of presentation at all times. As educators, if we should emphasize kind a learning style that doesn’t match with how children learn, it can result in a lack of focus and understanding and in the end; the desire result will not be realized.