Our Leadership is extremely grateful to our team for their dedication and also for the generosity of all our well-wishers like you who continue to support ...


Counseling helps individual’s school children to find their own answers to their basic problems and make their own choices in life. It helps reduce confusion


We prioritize extracurricular activities, such as music, sports, art, theater and other non-academic pursuits. These activities can be a big part of middle school for

    Our Mission is to make professional and accountable use of all available resources to transform deprived Sub-Saharan African communities into places of knowledge and centre of productive economic activities, thereby creating an environment of opportunities for all.
    The Vision of CHRAD is to create a human society in which the primary concern and pursuit is the survival and development of mankind so as to make life for the vulnerable worth living.
    Our organization’s overall goal is to ensure that vulnerable children are nurtured morally, socially, physically and professionally that they will grow-up to become useful asset to society and providing them opportunities to meaningfully contributing their quota to the betterment of their communities.
    Our goal is enacted out of the believe that:
    Children are the weakest and the less experienced globally
    It is only become asset with the support of Parents/Well-wishers
    Supporting them can help to reduce human resource waste  


    Our core business is creating life changing opportunities for the vulnerable group in society by supporting their Social, Moral, Physical and Professional Development. . Gallery below shows some of our activities:


    Our organization was founded on moral and conscious belief that, children, irrespective of their colour, religious background and gender, deserve a healthy and happy up-bringing, as well as opportunities to exhibit their fullest potential in life.However, some of these children evidently need extra help as they continue to suffer one or more problems related to their physical health, emotional well-being, behaviour, development, mental health, economic background and cognitive status.At CHRAD, we bring people, ideas and resources together as part of efforts to actively promote positive social change among vulnerable children and young adults in society towards a professional, moral and healthy social advancement.

    What People Say About Us
    It is simply amazing to work with CHRAD. They are transparent, result oriented, and always involve community leaders in identifying and implementing projects. 
    NANCY PEPRAH - Public Relation Officer
    I worked with the director for a considerable number of years. We became very good friends. He was always there for me and I am truly grateful for that. He is passionate about children's welfare and always looking opportunities to offer help.
    SAMUEL KWABENA BIO - Social Worker
    I have personally known and interacted with the founder for many years. He is highly talented in his job. He continuously work on improving his relationship with the beneficiaries of his projects and his co-workers. Working with him creates long  lasting memories through shared experience and willingness to commit time, resources and skills.
    JANET ANKRAH – Human Resource Manageress 

    Lawrence hails from Liberia and arrived in Ghana in the heat of the civil crisis unaccompanied. He acquired some level of appreciable education during his exile life.
    Founder and Director

    His bitter experience encouraged him to establish this organization with the support of his colleagues as a way of advocating and seeking support to address basic challenges confronting refugees and other vulnerable children’s plight.

    Joseph also hails from Liberia and has had his exile life in Ghana. He has been dedicated to Christian education with a quest for a pastoral profession. He is willing, ready to serve on any humanitarian service directed to improving lives from the vulnerable.

    Programs’ Officer

    Mr. Clarke recognizes that, humanitarian service holds no boundary on tribe, religion, ethnicity or race. He is result-oriented and passionate about life changing opportunities.

    Akuim also hails from Liberia and under similar circumstance with Lawrence and Joseph. Following several failed attempts for life improvement in various areas, he soon discovered that, he has a calling on religions service.

    Volunteer Co-ordinator

    Currently under training to deepen his service on Christian-based faith activities, Akuim is opened to all.

    Freda is a young Ghanaian entrepreneur woman with deep passion for humanitarian service particularly children’s welfare. She is constantly inspired for greater commitment when her efforts are seen to be having positive impact on the targeted beneficiaries.Her work as a public servant and also with charitable agencies over the years is very good reason for her unchangeable determination for greater service.


    Her work as a public servant and also with charitable agencies over the years is very good reason for her unchangeable determination for greater service.Her long standing part time service to CHRAD has been vital to its survival and slow growth. As a candidate for a Bachelor of Administration degree with specialty in Human Resources Management, she is currently serving as the Administrator of CHRAD.