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Counseling Activities

Counseling helps individual’s school children to find their own answers to their basic problems and make their own choices in life. It helps reduce confusion and gain read more

Scholarship Program

Our Leadership is extremely grateful to our team for their dedication and also for the generosity of all our well-wishers like you who continue to support us in diverse ways read more…

School Feeding program

This program is intended to address the serious complications and symptomatic challenges induced by extreme hunger among vulnerable school children in most part of sub-Saharan read more…

Empowerment Program

Training contributes to our community outreaches and the sustainability of our programs. The purpose of our training program is to capture and take forward read more…

Teaching and Learning Aid

Teaching and learning tools and materials are important in learning. At Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development, we believe that, no matter how skillful an artisan may be read more……

Advocate Children’s Rights

Children’s rights are the human rights of children with particular attention to the rights of special protection and care afforded to minors. The Convention on the Rights read more…

Building and upholding on one’s Integrity
Building and upholding on one’s Integrity

Dear profound readers, it has always been my source of inspiration to receive feedback from readers on the…

Re-Branding your life into Legacy
Re-Branding your life into Legacy

No matter what people think about you and the possibility for your life, never let their opinion about…



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