Volunteering is the practice of people willingly agreeing to offer service to a community to meet a particular cause without payment for their time and services. It is considered an altruistic activity, intended to promote good or improve human quality of life, though people also volunteer for many reasons including skill development, to meet others, to make contacts for possible employment, to have fun, and a variety of other reasons that could be considered self-serving.

With CHRAD, volunteering takes many forms and wide range of activities is performed. Some volunteers are specifically trained in the areas of their specialty, such as medicine, education, or emergency rescue etc. Others are engaged on activities that require special

community needs such as counseling, teaching, writing proposals for fund raising etc.

Who is qualified to volunteer?

Young graduates / undergraduates who have attained 18 years, retired individuals male or female, from any part of the world who can speak and write English language either as an official language or a second language or with a passionate desire to help the disadvantaged in diversely ways is qualify to apply.

How to Apply

Please fill in the application form found on our website and submit. On receipt, we shall immediately follow up.

The following opportunities are constantly available throughout the year:

  • Preschool (Kindergarten) teaching
  • Primary School (Elementary) teaching
  • Junior High School, teaching
  • Senior High School, teaching
  • Career / Psycho-Social Counseling
  • Health Care Services
  • Fund Raising / Administrative Services

Benefits of Volunteering to the Volunteer

By volunteering with our organization, volunteer stand to gain many benefits including but not limited to the following:

  1. Learning or developing a new skills
  2. Meeting diverse range of people for meaningful exchanges…
  3. Being part of the community (learning about others’ culture)
  4. Motivation and sense of achievement
  5. An opportunity to boost your career options due to new skills acquired.
  6. New interests and hobbies
  7. Ability to gain new experiences
  8. In appreciation for a good service, we issue the certificate of satisfactory service to all our volunteers.

9. Additional Service:- In addition to all of the above, we would provide the following services:

  • Airport pickup on your arrival and drop-off on your departure
  • Accommodation throughout the agreed period of service.
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