<p>WELCOME MESSAGE (FRONT PAGE) Welcome to the official website of Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development (CHRAD); a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to the welfare of vulnerable children and young adults in Sub-Saharan Africa.</p>

<p>Our organization was founded on the moral and conscious belief that children, irrespective of their color, religious background, and gender, deserve a healthy and happy upbringing, as well as opportunities to exhibit their fullest potential in life. However, some of these children need extra help as they continue to suffer one or more problems related to their physical health, emotional well-being, behavior, development, mental health, economic background, and cognitive status.</p>

<p>At CHRAD, we bring people, ideas, and resources together as part of efforts to actively promote positive social change among vulnerable children and young adults in society towards a professional, moral and healthy social advancement. Our organization’s principle is based on moral discipline and broadly shared economic opportunities for vulnerable groups in society. The organization is founded by Mr. Lawrence Saah Varnie, a Liberian who arrived in Ghana in the early 1990s as a refugee during the bloody civil conflict in Liberia.</p>

<p>Like many other countries across the globe, conflict-affected communities continue to suffer post-war trauma in many respects. The unbridled hardship encountered by the Founder during the war in Liberia and as a refugee in exile, inspired him to establish CHRAD as a wake-up call to support the development needs of vulnerable children to curb the growing number of children roaming the streets.</p>

<p>The organization was established in 2006 and incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana in 2007. We are constantly broadening our networks with other national and international development agencies and individuals we believe can play instrumental roles in helping us to effectively affect lives positively and to widen our reach to more deprived and rural communities within the sub-Saharan region.</p>

<p>Our Core Areas of service include the following: (1) Scholarship opportunities for brilliant but needy children (2); Counseling programs (3); In-service and Empowerment Training program for teaching staff (4); School Feeding Program (5); Extra-curricular activities and (6) Supply of Teaching and Learning Aid to both schools and school children.</p>

<p>Our goal is to expand our services to reach deprived and rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.</p>

<p>All well-wishers, lovers of children, philanthropists and donor agencies are, herewith, invited to support us in whatever way possible. For more information about us and our programs, please continue to navigate the site.</p>