The civil crisis in Liberia that lasted over a decade severely affected every aspect of human endeavor. Children who are seen by well-wishers as future leaders were also heavily affected. During the war, some lost their parents and close relative whom they depended on care, love, protection, and development. Some were also actively involved in the war as child soldiers. Those who flee into exile or born into exile also have many untold stories regarding their survival. These challenges continue to hinder their physical, emotional, and cognitive responses to real-life issues for progress.

As an organization, we see all humans as a potential asset and inseparable instrument for development rather than a liability.
According to this passion for their survival and empowerment, and as a way of encouraging former Liberian refugees to return to Liberia, the following list of activities has been earmarked to form our strategic plan:

  1. To establish vocational Training Centres across Liberia to nurture your folks with vocational skills. This is intended to reduce human resource waste by converting idle time into useful ventures for development.
  2. To establish sports Academies across Liberia. By so doing, sports talents will be discovered and converted into professional skills. Benefactors who would have been liabilities to society due to lack of opportunity will now willingly help to build the economy under the “all hands on board” Liberia Youth Empowerment Project.
  3. To initiate a nationwide support program towards the attainment of quality education in Liberia by way of soliciting to supply needed/prescribed Teaching and Learning Materials to schools and school children.
  4. To build Libraries in areas of extreme needs across the country. This is intended to create access, encourage school children for research and reading geared towards improving education in Liberia.
  5. To initiate and massively support extra-curricular activities in schools across the country. By so doing, other hidden talents quiet aside from sports such as public speaking, debate, etc. will be discovered and improved upon.
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