The Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development could not have achieved the success it has so far chalked up without the support of its partners. We work with our partners to enable us continue providing positive social transformation in the lives of the disadvantaged. In this way, we are able to contribute to ongoing capacity building efforts through counseling services and basic skills training. Our partners also help us achieve self-reliance, self-actualization and a self sustainability.

While we remain focused on providing free but worthy services for the vulnerable children in society, we are very much aware that we are not the only organization out there providing these valuable services; and we don’t even want to be the only serving organization. We see our fellow development organizations especially those concerned with the welfare of children and young adults as allies, not as competitors.

It is against this background that we assume a collaborative approach with variety of services and number of local and international institutions interested in children and young adult’s welfare.

We remain grateful to all our partners especially, Global Mission, Christ Church, Bronxville-New York for all their support while we continue to look for other strategic partners to help us continue carrying out our mission.

CHRAD’s Partners form a critical part of our network through commitment of resources and expertise. This, we believe, is a unique opportunity to work with founders around the globe, who are critical to the long term success of our community.

If you are an individual with expertise or you work with an organization, company that produces products or services that can help the disadvantaged in society; we are very much interested in working together with you.

Our Appreciation to Partners

By way of showing our appreciation for any support received from any source, we have deemed it fit and necessary to:

Publish a list of all our donors in our pending newsletters, social network, and website
Write an official letter to acknowledge receipt of grant
Issue of Certificate of Appreciation as follows:

Platinum Award to institutions or individual who might contribute 50% or over of our annual budget. We wish to announce that, Global Mission, Christ Church, Bronxville, New York are Platinum Award Winners for the year 2011.
Gold Award to institutions or individuals that might contribute 35% or above of our annual budget
Silver Award to institutions or individuals that might contribute 25% of our annual budget
Bronze Award to institutions or individuals that might sponsor at least one project
Various forms of other Certificate of appreciation for various form of Support.
Various forms of partnership include:

Media Partners

Our organization strives to solicit support from a variety of media partners, television, print, digital and radio to propagate our mission and report on our activities to the global audience. We are currently in the process of seeking partnership with media institutions. Interested media institutions that are willing to support our work should therefore contact us at:

Donor Partners
CHRAD strives to assemble a network of Business Persons / Philanthropists / Donor agencies and Well-Wishers to extend their helping hand to us for the empowerment of the disadvantaged in society.

Poised to expand its capacity building programs, CHRAD has vast array of talents, expertise in youth that are determined to make huge differences. Our weakness has always been the lack of adequate funds to implement worthy projects aimed at transforming the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged in our community. With the availability of funds, we are sure of making the mark.

Our current donor partners are as follows:

1. Global Mission, Christ Church, Bronxville, New York, USA.

2. Transatlantic Roundtable on Religion and Race, USA.