Volunteers play a key role in our operation as a Non-Profit Organization. Ideally, they provide their time free of charge which enabled us to expand its services and activities in the community.

Over the years, we have realized that they provided us with valuable skills and talents that we lack. Not only that, but they also bring valuable work and relationship perspectives, while they also directly benefit from the work.

They always inspire and motivate school children and our staff as they present an open, participatory image of the organization.

Some of our past volunteers with outstanding performance include:

  1. Franziska Harich, A German student of the University of Ghana
  2. Cristal Ntchantchou, a French national and a then  student of the University of Ghana
  3. Vinicius Dallarmellina, a Brazilian national
  4. Betty Laird, an Americal national and a then student of the University of Ghana
  5. Mercy Aby Adjei, a young Ghanaian lady


All across the world today, there are endless demands on donors for support in aid of providing rescue for people in critical conditions as well as supporting the livelihood of the vulnerable group for survival and development. 

Certainly, there are thousands of registered Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organizations (NPOs / NGOs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) tireless seeking to mediate in this regards.

As a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), founded by former refugees with first-hand bitter experiences of life, we may not be well-known in social work providing of humanitarian service, but we aspire to do nothing less than our very best in utilizing available resources to support the Physical, Social, Moral and Professional Development of vulnerable children.

Over the years, the lack of adequate funds has denied us the opportunity to carry out plans towards greater humanitarian services.

We are, however, very grateful to all and sundry that have one way and the other contributed to our survival and steady growth. 

Below is the list of our achievements so far and those who sponsored the projects: