Counseling helps individual’s school children to find their own answers to their basic problems and make their own choices in life. It helps reduce confusion and gain a different perspective to cope with life’s challenges and make positive changes when and where necessary.

Counseling children and adolescents is often different from counseling adults, though the objective is the same. As an organization, we take into consideration age, development stage and individual challenges to device method of approach. Our role is to help the children, no matter the age, ethnic background or religion to make their own decisions rather than making decisions for them. This is backed by the believe that, going by others decisions with certainly land you into their destination. Therefore counseling children will not only help them overcome their challenges but will also helps them to be decisive, analytical, judgmental and rational in thinking. This ways, it will help them grow to learn to become good leaders capable of building their communities and countries.

Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development is actively involved with organizing counseling, sensitization and orientation workshops for the public to create positive attitudes towards the vulnerable children. We believe that this will help familiarize others with the specific needs of children with economically weak background. Our staff and volunteers are given tips on handling and assisting these children to help them overcome their individual challenges. Counseling and sensitization programs are designed and delivered with the purpose of addressing socio-economic difficulties and increase the understanding, acceptance, and inclusion for vulnerable children within communities in which we operate.

Two basic concepts used are (1) Psycho-Social Counseling and (2) Career Counseling as follows:

(1) Psycho-Social Counseling:– under this concept we organizes weekly orientation workshops for groups such as Parents, NGOs, Teachers, Opinion Leaders and General Public. This idea is intended to husband various efforts toward children’s good up-bringing.

(2) Career Counseling:- our effort is focused on keeping the school children aware of career choices. We speak to children on a one to one basis to have in-depth knowledge about career difficulties and design strategies to help them overcome it. We also organize forum to speak to group of school children to nurture their lives, build confidence and keep them focus in their career pursuit in the midst of socio-economic and negative peer pressure challenges. Additionally, children are counseled for the following challenges:

1. Not coping with lessons

2. Problems with friendships or fear of being bullied

3. Effect of problems with their parents’ relationships, eg. Divorce

4. Drug abuse and its related consequences

5. Problems caused by money and or the lack of it.

6. Problems about body image or self-esteem

7. feeling unsafe or uncomfortable with what is happening

8. Feeling depressed
This effort is aimed at:
Challenge some of our general assumptions, attitudes, values, and beliefs regarding vulnerability.
Educate the public by providing a more realistic, practical, and positive picture of children vulnerability and the need to support them.

Provide rational suggestions to stakeholders, well-wishers and donor community on ways of providing services to the vulnerable children.