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  • Building and upholding on one’s Integrity

    Dear profound readers, it has always been my source of inspiration to receive feedback from readers on the impact of…

  • Re-Branding your life into Legacy

    No matter what people think about you and the possibility for your life, never let their opinion about you, most…

  • Children’s Right Issue

    Children everywhere on the earth planet are the weakest of beings, most dependent and most vulnerable members of the entire…

  • Significance of Second thought in decision making

    As long as we live as human beings, our lives will always be a statement and after death, a story…

  • The Role of Mothers in the upbringing of children

    Mothers play a critical role in the upbringing of children in every home. This is evident of the fact that,…

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    “Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.”

    – P.J O’Rourke.

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