Children are the weakest, most vulnerable and the most innocent members of society everywhere on the planet.  The concept of their vulnerability generally refers to children who are more exposed to risks than their peers, and continue to experience negative outcomes such as loss of education, morbidity, malnutrition, etc. and at higher rates than their peers.

Compared to adults, all children are vulnerable by nature, but some children are more critically susceptible than others. Child vulnerability, especially, in most parts of Sub-Saharan Africa is a downward spiral where each shock leads to a new level of vulnerability, and each new level opens up for a host of new risks.

In other words, the probability of a child experiencing a negative outcome rises with each shock. More seriously, the civil crisis in most parts of the sub-region has worsened the situation as most, if not all, victims can hardly afford to cater for the welfare of their families.

To eradicate or at least reduce these impacts, which can foresee an increase in future human resource waste in various communities across the sub-region, children need to be nurtured and exposed to career acquisition opportunities that will remove barriers that may stand in the way of realizing their full potentials.

Cradle of Hope for Relief and Development (CHRAD) was enacted in 2006 and incorporated in October 2007 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) for the sole purpose of catering to the development needs of vulnerable children in communities we operate.

We strive to bring people, ideas and resources together as part of efforts to actively promote positive change among vulnerable children and young adults in society towards a professional, moral and healthy social advancement in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our Organization is founded on the principle of moral discipline and broadly shared economic opportunities for sustainable development.

At CHRAD, we strongly believe that a healthy and progressive society relies fundamentally on respect for human rights, the vitality of communities in supporting development agenda and a celebration of the diversity of views and experiences. Thus, we offer an array of services that are intended to amplify the efforts of forward-thinking philanthropists, foundations, activists, well-wishers, and organizations geared towards creating an enabling environment for children to realize their fullest potential under the following:


To create a human society in which the primary concern and pursuit is the survival and development of humankind to make life worth living for the vulnerable. 


To make professional and accountable use of all available resources to transform deprived communities across Sub-Saharan African into places of knowledge and centers of productive economic activities thereby creating an environment of opportunities for all.


We believe that there should be no dead-end child. In other words, every child must be allowed to exhibit their God-given talent in pursuit of their plight.


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