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The Role of Mothers in the upbringing of children

The Role of Mothers in the upbringing of children
March 26, 2014 law

Topic: The Role of Mothers in the upbringing of children
Mothers play a critical role in the upbringing of children in every home. This is evident of the fact that, they spend more time with the children, teach them how to talk, sing, and respond to laughter and address their unending needs at all times.

In view of their close contact, coupled with love, natural responsibility and desire for the child to grow up well and to be successful, it is easier and morally expected of every mother to learn to nurture their child(ren) into specific manner tailored to suit their growing needs.
Children’s outcomes would be better when mothers are responsive, sensitive, attentive, and provide good physical and mental stimulation during interactions with them.

outines, books and play materials, and engaged in stimulating experiences both in and out of the home (outings, library trips, etc.) are likely to see that children with better social and cognitive outcomes. Not only have that, but quality care giving especially from mothers also ensured the children:
 show a positive attitude
 have positive physical contact with their mothers
 respond frequently to the children’s verbal communication
 will always ask questions when they are in difficulties and that can help to bridge the gap and create exposure
 will be encouraged to take careful ventures through play hence making them bold
 are encouraged and taught how to sing songs and read books to improve their cognitive and emotional development.
 are carefully discouraged from engaging in negative interactions.

Interestingly, while it is evidently clear that some caring mothers are providing such services to their children and children of privileged families, some either lack the Skills, Will, Love or Resources to do so.
In effect, thousands of children are knowingly or unknowingly being denied their basic rights in terms of health, education etc.
As an organization entirely concerned with the welfare of children in terms of all what it takes to make life meaningful and to be able to utilize their potential to the fullest, we consciously engage parents (mothers) on a one on one basis on discussions of relevance to their children’s growth and development.
Responses have been fruitful over the years and parents and community / opinion leaders are calling on us for the expansion and frequency of the service. Lack of adequate resources is however hampering the effort.
Quality upbringing of children is for the betterment of the community in particular and the whole world in general, the fact that:
1) it guarantees quality and sustainable education for the children
2) It guides children to learn to grow up morally conscious, mentally stable and decisive, have a good sense of judgment and to be responsive to situations at all times.
3) It will minimize possibilities of children indulging in negative social vices such as criminal activities, commercial sex activities, drug abuse etc.
4) It will also minimize the rate at which children drop out of school, that has the tendency of increasing number of street children and its accompanying negative impact of wasting human resources and its associated challenges.
Certainly, we are requesting for the service, support and/or partnership of individuals and agencies with the passion, or concern for children’s issues to advance a progressive and relentless effort.
Support in the form of funds, educational materials and individuals.

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